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Bio / PICS

An established and seasoned veteran of numerous club & road bands, Bryan began performing as a solo artist in 1984, debuting his one man band, "Knight Flight". After performing from coast to coast across America, Knight Flight spanned the world, touring abroad in 23 nations.


Bryan resided and performed nightly aboard the world's largest sailing yacht, The Windsurf, while touring European, Mediterranean, Caribbean, and South American destination ports. Bryan also resided in Okinawa, Japan with Knight Flight appearing nightly as the house band at the renowned 5-star Manza Beach Resort (host to the G-8 Summit in 2000).


Bryan Knight is currently performing shows as a Singer-Guitarist, Singer-Pianist, as well as a One Man Super-Band, with oldies show themes including Beatles Tribute, Sixties Radio, & Classic #1 Hits Radio. Bryan has recorded and produced six albums of Classic Rock hit song covers - celebrated Classic Oldies which accurately represent the essence of live Knight Flight solo performances.

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